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In Memory of Michael Jackson

I wrote this poem from home during the Memorial of Michael Jackson today July 7, 2009 at the Staples center. Time: 12 noon:  Enjoy!

It is Called ” We all Go”

by Gonzalo “Gonzo” Sandoval.

We all go

We all go,  there

You give me strength

You have taught me well

I can only be

the best I can be, inside of me

I send you all my Love

I feel you from above

Wishing you were here

So then i can hear

Your omnipotent voice

Was it your choice?

Now you fly around

The Heavens without bounds

Thank you  for all you do

It’s thru you

I learned to Love

Music, Dance and Entertainment

You paved the way

I miss you today

Go Now

So now

I will carry your vibe with me

I will channel your energy from the sky

and i won’t ask why

I will open my arms

and embrace your Love of Life

I will shine my light

and know “everything is alright”

RIP Michael Jackson you have inspired me all my life and only in your leaving did i realize to what degree … Let the tears flow for as long as it takes to calm my being and accept the fact that you are no longer here! Your memory will remain lodged in its place, Full of Art Deep in my Heart.

I Love You Michael Jackson!

Gonzalo “Gonzo”  Sandoval

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All the People 2
All the People 2
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